Welcome to Zadar

The city is located in the south of Croatia, in northern Dalmatia. Zadar is a port city and a seaside resort on the Adriatic Sea.

Numerous attractions in the surrounding area invite you to take a day trip, which we are happy to help you with

  • Cycling
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Jet skiing
  • Mountainbiking
  • Climbing
  • Rafting
  • Diving
  • Caving
  • Bathing
  • Tennis
  • Water skiing
  • White water rafting
  • Windsurfing
One of the most unique cities in Europe: Zadar city centre with a vibrant 3000-year history!

Wherever you go or stand there were millions of feet in front of you: The Illyrians, Romans, Byzantians, Venetians, Napoleon, Habsburg ... City Wall, Roman Forum, Cathedral of St. Anastasia, the Church of St. Donat – one of the oldest churches in Croatia, historic buildings, palaces and marketplaces.

Check out the well-preserved Roman Forum, built around year 0. Consider the glittering gold and silver halls in the permanent exhibition of religious art in the Benedictine monastery of St. Mary. Check out the enchanting exhibits at the Museum of Ancient Glass.

Marvel at the strong Roman and Venetian influences in Zadar – a vibrant city on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia

The Croatian city of Zadar (ZAD) has been a popular destination for many years, including for city breaks. In addition to some beautiful beaches, the city also enchants with some sights. Art lovers in particular are likely to be enthusiastic about Zadar, because there are some art objects spread all over the city. These include the sea organ, which creates a melody through the natural swell and a 22-foot-tall circle that produces colorful light plays during sunset. If you need some relaxation after a tour of the historic old town, you will certainly find it on one of the many beaches. In the evenings, local food and drinks are served to holidaymakers in the numerous small restaurants.

Experience the world's first sea organ on the coast. The tubes under the marble staircases interact with the waves of the sea, creating different sounds. Sail to the various small islands that are located around the archipelago of Zadar. Visit one of Zadar's five impressive national parks, including Kornati Islands, Krka Park and much more.

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